The control system of production line in animal feed is applied to improve productivity, save costs and improve product quality…

Solution IAS designs and builds the overall automated electrical system for the animal feed factory with quality equipment, fully meeting the international standards to ensure the quality of finished products and complete in the fastest time.

  1. IAS solutions:
  • SCADA system
  • Premix system
  • Auto bagging machine scale
  • Robot/palletizer system (APS)
  • Dispatch (FP) system
  • Tracking & tracing system
  • Trucking control system
  • Integration ERP
  • Maintain equipment system (C-work)
  1. Automatic animal feed production line:

Control systems of animal feed production line is an automatic system of weighing processes, mixing ingredients such as bran, corn, … together with fat oil and micronutrients according to the mixing ratio that is set up according to a procedure:

Crush each ingredient separately à dosing à mixing à pellet mill à bagging finished products.

Thuan Nhat designs, manufactures and constructs full automation solutions system of food process. It meets requirements of the ability of intaking, tracking & tracing, management, dosing and producing with large capacity…

  1. Introducing Solution IAS automatic animal feed production line:
  • Wide range of applications that can handle a variety of materials such as: compound feed, dried forage, dried beet pulp, straw, wood, biomass and other reproducible raw materials.
  • System for feed mill includes: intake, dosing, mixing & grinding, pellet mill & cooler, bagging machine scale, bulk loading, …
  • Food is completed with high quality.
  • The intake machine is designed by carbon grinding technology with stable performance, low noise efficiency and long service life.
  • The ability to customize the product capacity is an advantage for the production system.
  1. Advantages of this production system:
  • Ability to backup production formulas.
  • Set optional parameters: formula, time, material, …
  • Control weighing dosing scale according to specific rules.
  • Can operate in automatic and semi-automatic mode.
  • Accurate statistics for each activity by the specific date and time.
  • Supporting operation, reporting incidents during the working process.
  • Bagging scale works with a capacity of 800-900 bags/hour.
  • Quantity of export is automatically counted by the system and reported by customers, time, …
  1. Solution IAS – Meeting the 4.0 field of animal feed:

To meet all demands in animal feed production, Solution IAS always updates and imports the world’s high quality components to serve the manufacture and construction full automation solutions system of food process.

To meet customers’ demand, Solution IAS can meet from small systems and then complete the whole system. The highlight advantage of system is the solution to improve the quality of input materials by using specialized equipment that is with ability to clean 100% of bacteria in the material, thereby increasing the digestibility for pet.

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