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Thuan Nhat was established in 2007. The field of activity is providing automation solutions. So far, Thuan Nhat has become a pioneer in the field of automation, electrical automation with a variety of solutions, …

Giải pháp điện tự động

Automation or automatic control means the use of control systems for active equipment. They are machines, production lines, ….or switches in the phone network.

Automation will intervene in fully automated processes to save labor, save energy, provide high-quality labor force and high accuracy.

So automation can meet the production process of high labor intensity and modern, with a large number of products. Product demand will determine the degree of automation required in the production process of each specific business.

Thuan Nhat – IAS provides a wide range of prestigious and quality automation solutions:

  • SCADA system.
  • Premix system.
  • Auto bagging machine scale.
  • Robot/palletizer system (APS).
  • Dispatch (FP) system.
  • Tracking & tracing system.
  • Trucking control system.
  • Integration ERP.
  • Maintain equipment system (C-work).

Automation includes many different applications, from a manageable controller to a large system, so the benefits of automation are indispensable in today’s developed age.

Following the trend of 4.0, automation promises to develop rapidly and play a key role in the future.

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