Thiết kế chế tạo máy chuyên ngành

 Bag Stacker

Recognizing the changing needs of businesses in the increasingly urgent modern industry, Solution IAS provides bag stacker. The purpose is to create a strong development of businesses, ensure goods, …

The automatic bagging system is pre-installed with unsuitable speed of bagging, no guarantee of meeting the requirements. The automatic bag stacker machine provides the bag gently with high sensitivity, safety and effectively capacity up to 800 bags/hour.

Máy đóng bao tự động - Solution IAS


  • The system has an optimal design that uses easily with bags, such as: paper bags, paper + PVC, PE/PVC, …
  • Size: WxDxH= 5000×3350 x2000mm
  • Application: put empty bags to weigh finished products.

The bag stacker is designed in a vertical position, automatically provides the bag and opens the top of the bag to fill the materials. After the material is filled up according to the installed norms, the mouth of bag will be sewn with a dedicated sewing machine to produce the finished product.

Operating process

Advantages of the bag stacker:

  • Providing the bags gently, correct frequency of installation.
  • Automatically open the bag correctly.
  • Applicable to a variety of packaging materials.
  • Increase labor productivity (reduce costs, minimize time).
  • Optimal accessibility for machine maintenance work.

The bag stacker is designed, installed and operated with high technical requirements. In addition, it can be combined with other machine systems to create a complete production system.

Solution IAS’sbag stacker also combines efficiency with robot palletizer, truck loaders/unloaders conveyors, micro dosing scale.

Quality assurance, prestige and efficiency are the criteria that Solution IAS has always operated in recent years.

Máy đóng bao tự động - Solution IAS
Máy đóng bao tự động - Solution IAS




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