Bagging scale

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Bagging scale

The bagging scale system is designed based on advancements in electrical, electronic, and automated control fields, supporting high productivity and accuracy, and superior consistency in weighing products.

The bagging scale uses electronic load cell sensors to precisely and quickly transmit signals and display specific reports:

  • Number of bags
  • Bagging speed
  • Weight of each bag

The solution provides benefits

Classification by material

Single scale  A weighing hopper Capacity: 550 – 600 bag/ hour
                            Double scale Weighing hopper – alternately Capacity: 1000 – 1200 bag/ hour

General specifications

  • Bag types: Paper, paper + PVC, PE/PVC
  • Bag weight: 5 – 50 kg
  • Weighing accuracy: +/- 0.1%
  • Materials: Non-sticky (bran, powder, rice, etc.)
  • Particle size: Powder, pellets, flakes < 20 mm

Auxiliary items


Sewing machine

Bag mouth folding machine

Detect thread breakage

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