Bagging Scale
Cân đóng bao điện tử tự động

Using the mass determination by sensor can transmit signals accurately at high speed with the parameters that can display:

Weight of each bag – Number of bags – Packing speed

Automatic bagging scales can be combined with statistical software, data retrieval according to specific requirements (connecting PCs system)…

Bagging Scale

About us

Bagging scale can be combined with robot palletizer, providing empty bags system, … to create a complete system for automatic bagging with different types of scales. It also can be combined with statistical software to retrieve data according to specific time requirements.

  • Specialized in packaging products with non-adhesive materials such as animal feed, flour, rice, …
  • Capacity up to 800 bags/hour.
  • High accuracy minimizes materials loss.
  • Wide range of applications, diverse products.
  • Adjustable, easily connect high-end HMI.
  • Safe, high reliability, easy installation.
Bagging Scale
Bagging Scale

Operating parameters

  • Capacity: 800 bags/h
  • Bag type: paper bags, paper+PVC, PE/PVC.
  • Weight of bag: 5-50 kg.
  • Operation: Schneider induction screen.
  • Ready to connect the data to the computer.

Solution IAS has more than 10 years of experience in the filed of supplying machines and equipment in manufacturing activities. We have provided solutions and services to customers in Vietnam and abroad.

Our relentless efforts so far have been able to provide a variety of different products to our customers: bagging scale, automatic providing bag machine, robotic pack, …

Solution IAS is constantly upgrading its system of machines and equipment to be able to catch up with world development trends. From that we can give reasonable advices and meet the wishes of each specific customer. Solution IAS wishes to become a partner with customers based on TRUST – PRESTIGE – QUALITY.

Bagging Scale
Bagging Scale
Bagging Scale
Bagging Scale


Bagging Scale