Bulk loading

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Bulk loading

The bulk loading management software is one of Thuan Nhat’s solutions. The user-friendly Scada interface for automated control simplifies, speeds up, and enhances the accuracy of operations.

Besides bagged products, bulk loading (tank trucks) is a new and modern trend being applied in many feed production plants. This approach provides numerous benefits not only to the factories but also to the customers, delivering high efficiency.


  • The automatic connection with ERP/MES systems (or direct creation within the system) allows retrieval of sales order information: order number, date, truck number, customer, item code, quantity, etc.
  • It supports various quantification methods:
    • Quantification and loading into tank trucks not simultaneously (quantification before loading).
    • Simultaneous quantification and loading into tank trucks (weighing below the tank truck).
  • The use of barcode technology enables operators/drivers to operate the bulk loading system quickly, accurately, and proactively.
  • The entire bulk loading process is automatically weighed with a central control system after configuring the bulk loading parameters.
  • The system allows defining tank trucks: compartments, load capacity, containment capabilities, compartment locations, etc.
  • Overload control includes comparing each compartment’s capacity against the shipment’s weight.
  • Automatic allocation of weight to each compartment based on the shipment’s weight.
  • Verification of correct product names on bins during bulk loading.
  • Automatic positioning of loading/unloading locations.
  • Reporting compares weight data from external truck scales and the bulk loading system.


  • Supports exporting reports to Excel, PDF, TXT, CSV, XML…
  • Saves packaging costs.
  • Reduces labor costs for loading and unloading, and transportation expenses.
  • Saves customer storage space.
  • Reduces losses due to human and animal damage factors.
  • Ensures accurate import/export quantity control.
  • Contributes to environmental protection (no use of PP packaging).

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