Cooler and dryers


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Cooler and dryers

The machine control system of Solution IAS is designed to ensure high performance and safe, stable operation. We provide comprehensive solutions from design and installation to control software and integration with the central control system.

Safety and Automation System

  • Electrical Cabinet Design and Installation: Solution IAS designs, manufactures, and installs power cabinets, control cabinets, along with measuring devices, protective mechanisms, and actuators for machines.
  • Installation of Safety Equipment: Safety devices are installed according to international safety standards, ensuring the system operates safely and efficiently.
  • Machine Control Software: We provide machine control software that allows monitoring and managing the entire production process from a single point.
  • Integration with Central Control System: Solution IAS’s software can connect with the central control system, enhancing the management and operation capabilities of the entire system efficiently.


The IAS control system is fully compatible with machines from brands such as Geelen Counterflow and Muyang, making it easy to integrate into existing production lines and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the production process.

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