The delivery conveyor management software can connect to the existing sales system to get a list of export orders to the delivery system or create orders on the system.


  • This software can be connected to an existing sales system to get an order list or directly create orders on the system.
  • Automatic conveyor system control by friendly SCADA interface, help workers to load, unload and operate easily.
  • Using the LCD TV screen or the matrix LED panel to display information shipment on each conveyor.
  • The users easily view export information: vehicle number, agent, output quantity, required quantity, etc.
  • Using modern sensors and barcode recognition devices to tally output, avoid code confusion export goods, helping the storekeeper strictly controls output figures on each order, reduce of managing the number of bags, types of finished products by people.

Optional solutions manage bag counting

  • Solution 01: Bag counting system uses sensors:
    • Using optical sensors and pulse sensors to count the number of bags for the order.
    • Displaying bag counting information: number of export bags, number of remaining bags,… immediately go to LED board at each shipping line.
    • Only count the number of bags but cannot detect whether the number of bags just counted is correct with the required item code of the order.
  • Solution 02: Bag counting system using barcode technology (scanning barcodes printed on packages)
    • Printing product barcode on each bag.
    • Counting bags through sensor system and camera system barcode reading.
    • Using an advanced camera barcode reader to help the system recognize product barcode accurately.
    • Avoid error/ wrong product codes when compared to the order (stop conveyor & warn on the operation screen).
    • If the camera cannot read the barcode, the system will record the image of error bag when reading barcodes for inclusion in reports.