Dispatch management systems

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Dispatch management systems

Dispatch management systems is a system of processes, tools and software used to monitor and control the output of finished, packaged products. This system helps businesses ensure warehouse production takes place accurately, effectively and complies with regulations.


  • Order Management from Sales Department: Record information such as vehicle number, agent picking up the goods, and details for each item.
  • Warehouse Dispatch: Select the shipment line for each order.
  • Advanced Barcode Recognition System: Use a sensor system combined with a dedicated camera barcode reader with advanced technology to accurately and quickly recognize barcodes.
  • Real-Time Display: Show the number of bags shipped in real-time on LED boards or TVs.
  • Error Prevention: Prevent mistakes and incorrect product shipments (stop the conveyor belt and issue alerts on the operation screen).
  • Error Handling: If the camera cannot read a barcode, the system will automatically capture an image of the faulty bag for reporting purposes.
  • Automatic Data Transfer: Automatically transfer actual shipment data to the sales department.


  • Bagging Output 2117 bags/hour for 25kg bags
  • Bagging Output 1978 bags/hour for 40kg bags
  • Pallet Drop Speed 136 seconds per pallet for 25kg bags
  • Pallet Drop Speed 91 seconds per pallet for 40kg bags
  • Length 6.6 meters Width 3.8 meters
  • Drop Floor Height 1.3 meters


  • Support exporting reports to Excel, PDF, TXT, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Strict control of warehouse data for each order, reducing the workload of managing the number of bags, types of finished products, etc., by humans.
  • Control the automatic conveyor system with a user-friendly SCADA interface, making it easy for workers to operate.
  • Strict permission system based on users, departments, and functional roles.
  • Technological features: developed on the .NET Framework and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for database management.
  • Allows access to the program over a local network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN) via Internet/3G/4G.
  • Applicable fields: factories with bag/box shipment systems using conveyor belts.


  • Detailed shipment information for each delivery note
  • Detailed shipment information for each customer
  • Productivity of each order
  • Summary by finished product
  • Analysis by vehicle size

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