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Distribution of specialized machines

Distribution of specialized machines is one of the main fields of Solution IAS, especially pelleting presses, roller mill.

Change is inevitable to survive and develop in industry 4.0. They change to meet the production activities as well as to the current industry and create competitive value, … They can increase sales effectively from that.

Here are some brief points about the systems that Solution IAS has been distributing:

1. Pelleting Presses

Pelleting presses produce a rich food source compared to traditional food sources. We can use it for compound feed, dried forage, dried beet pulp, straw, wood, biomass and other reproducible raw materials.

Solution IAS distributes KAHL pelleting presses consists of 12 mechanical sizes that can compress organic products of different sizes, damp and density.

With its powerful feature, the products are pressed through a die by pan grinder rollers, formed into endless strands, and then cut to the desired particle length by means of knives.

To improve the capacities and economic efficiency, KAHL pelleting presses has integrated with the following prominent advantages:

  • Moisture variations in the product are permissible.
  • Mixtures with high levels of fat and molasses can be effectively pelleted.
  • The roller gap can be adjusted during operation, thus the pellet quality can be controlled.
  • The products is fed by gravity. The large pelleting chamber advoids blockings.
Distribution of specialized machines
Distribution of specialized machines

2. Roller Mill

KAHL roller mill was born and operated by breaking and crushing particles. The speed of rollers and the grinding gap can be changed during operation or quickly and easily adapted for changing formulae.

KAHL roller mill is suitable for crushing foods, cereals, beans and oilseeds. It also brings practical benefits:

  • Quiet operation.
  • Designing special structure, adjust as desired easily.
  • Improvement of the quality of food for poultry and cattle.

The roller mill uses cold cast-iron rollers of various sizes to crush granules. They help to improve nutrition for animal foods as well as limit disease efficiency.

3. Expander

The Annular Grap Expander

Using conditioning techniques to improve feed quality is an intelligent model developed by KAHL. Expander ensures improved feed quality with excellent quality.

KAHL has developed an expansion system that is a perfect method for compound feed.

The maximum pressure is about 40 bar, the operating temperatures at the expander outlet are between 90 and 140 °C. At the outlet the pressure drops spontaneously, the materials, and part of the added water evaporates (flash evaporation). Subsequent drying is not required.

Advantages from The Annular Grap Expander:

  • Improvement of the feed value.
  • Improvement of pellet quality and increase of press capacity.
  • Reduction of the production cost.
  • Inactivation of harmful substances.
  • Use of components difficult to pallet.
Distribution of specialized machines

Improve production, improve efficiency, reduce costs to help businesses stand firm in the 4.0 market