Enzyme spraying system

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Enzyme spraying system 

Currently, adding Enzymes to animal feed has improved the ability of animals to digest raw food many times over, contributing to improving quality and minimizing the risk of pathogens on animals.

Especially in the current 4.0 era, liquid injection methods, especially enzyme injection into animal feed, must meet strict requirements on capacity, performance and product quality.

Understanding this, IAS is confident with its team of many years of experience and strengths in providing equipment system solutions in the animal feed industry. We look forward to accompanying our customers in creating safe and effective animal feed products in this Enzyme injection system. này.

Notable features

  • Avoid clumping.
  • Accurately quantify spray rate composition.
  • Ensuring quality and output bran density.
  • Integrate a monitoring and reporting system for raw materials used.

SCADA interface

Parameters are set

  • Mix batch information using Enzyme spray system.
  • Mass of homogeneous mixture of enzyme and water.
  • Homogenization time to dissolve the mixture.
  • The enzyme mixture composition block is sprayed into the mixer.

Parameters displayed

  • Monitor dosing, homogenization and spraying operations of the system.
  • Warning when there is quantitative deviation, loss of control, loss of system pressure.
  • Export reports assessing the quality and composition of the mixture.

System description 


Supply section

Water tank

  • Container volume: 500L.
  • Water supply pump: Capacity: 13 – 15 l/min.
  • Valve set and accompanying sensors: Control water level in combat.

Enzyme tank

  • Container volume: 180L.
  • Tank load cell/weighing scale has weighing error of +/- 0.05%.
  • Valve set and sensors included.
  • Enzyme transfer level: Capacity: 13 – 15 l/min.
Quantitative part

Homogenization tank

(Mix Enzyme with water in proportion))

  • Container volume: 120L.
  • Tank load cell/weighing scale has weighing error of +/- 0.05%.
  • Valve set and sensors included.
  • Homogenization pump: Capacity  2.5 m3/h.
  • Homogenization pump time: 3 minutes/time.

Spray tank

(Contains post-assimilation mixture)

  • Container volume: 120L.
  • Tank load cell/quantitative scale, weighing error +/- 0.05%.
  • Valve set and sensors included.
  • Stirring motor.
Enzyme synthesis injection part into the mixer

Flowmeter cabinet

  • Stable flow to ensure smooth and even mist spraying: 600 – 750 ml/min.

Pneumatic control cabinet

  • Supply 2.5 bar nozzle.
  • Supply 4 bar pump.

Sprinkler nozzle

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