Hammer mill


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Hammer mill

Solution IAS’s milling control and monitoring system is designed to optimize the milling process, providing a comprehensive and modern solution for the management and operation of milling systems. With advanced features, this system not only closely monitors the status of the entire equipment but also ensures safety and high operational efficiency.


  • Monitor the status of all equipment in the milling system, such as running, stopping, faults, rotation alerts, material full alerts, material presence alerts, overload alerts, safety door alerts, and display parameters like current and temperature.
  • Interlock safety signals with the mill, including safety doors, mill tank temperature, bearing temperature, magnet, and ventilation.
  • Control the PID feed rate for the mill according to load current, with milling current parameters set by formula (post-milling system) or by material (pre-milling system) to optimize mill productivity and protect the mill from overcurrent.
  • Record the running time of the mill in forward or reverse direction to allow automatic reversal (for auto-reverse mills) or alert for manual reversal (for manually reversed mills).
  • Track running time and mill productivity per batch.
  • Connect with the automatic mesh change control system from the mill supplier


IAS’s control system is fully compatible with famous crusher brands such as STOLZ, Tietjen, Van Aarsen,…

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