Cwork is a maintain equipment software modern, strong, fexible and easy to use. Software provided functions and tools to manage and monitor maintenance activities, maximizing productivity, reduce downtime, cost reduction, inventory management, work requirements and warning of coming maintenance time devices.

  • Cwork-country application: general managing all branches of the company, maintenance equipment’s schedule, incidents and existing inventory of each branch.
  • C-work mobile application:
    – report equipment failure by mobile device, attached image, failure information to the system, and send email about that failure to people involved.
    – Report equipment failure to the operator of the PCS system.
    – Carry out device maintenance and repair on mobile.

Features and Benefits

  • Managing information and list of equipment: code, name of device, parameter, image, attachment document, accessory list included,…
  • Managing maintenance equipment’s schedule (including measuring equipment: scales, thermometers, clocks,…)
  • Recording on equipment faults.
  • Integrated with SCADA system to record uptime, downtime and start times of the device.
  • Managing materials inventory: incoming, outgoing, adjust increase/decrease…(can integrate inventory date with accounting system/ERP).

Report system

  • Report equipment failure at any time.
  • Report work done on time or overdue.
  • Report on upcoming equipment maintenance or
    maintenance time.
  • Report on runtime, downtime.
  • Report comparison of running time between
  • Report the number of logins/accesses using the
    software of the user.
  • Report on the works: unfinished, in progress, completed.
  • Import and export inventory.
  • Automatically send daily email: inventory, maintenance information