MES Sofware

mes sofware

MES (Manufacturing execution system) MES is considered an intermediary system between ERP system and SCADA system, also known as process management system. MES is also a control system for managing and monitoring work during production at the factory.

mes sofware
  • MES monitors all production information in real time, receives data from timed robots, machine screen and sta.
  • This system is introduced to improve productivity and reduce production cycle time, save costs, professionalize to the smallest production stages… MES can be combined with ERP to manage factories that can actively ensure the timely and efficient distribution of quality products.
  • A fully integrated production automation system that is integrated from low to high consists of: equipment floor, control floor and MES above the control floor. MES has the function of production planning and work delivery, with
    the top of is ERP floor. MES plays a rather important role in the production automation system.


  • Product lifecycle management including storage, version control and exchange with other master data systems such as product manufacturing rules, invoices, documents, processes, etc. It is all focused on defining how to create products.
  • Plan production, allocate resources.
  • Require department coordination.
  •  Analyze production.
  •  Manage machine downtime.
  • Manage the overall performance of machines (OEE- overall equipment effectiveness).
  • Product quality management, materials management.
  • Production monitoring and supervision. Gather information related to completed orders of shipments, equipment requirements.
  • Digitalizing complete information from notepad to Web/ tablet system.

Advantages of MES

  •  Eliminate manual input of production orders.
  • Meet and satisfy the needs of the production processes.
  • Improve and follow production processes.
  • Improve supply chain management, recognition and analysis.
  • Flexibility, minimize production time.
  • Reduce the cost of labor and machinery.
  • Increase available uptime of machinery.