Premix weighing

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Premix weighing

The premix software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, flexibly accommodating various premix weighing management methods of each production enterprise, such as vertical weighing, horizontal weighing, and mix weighing methods.

The software is specifically designed for the purpose of managing premix production warehouses, tracking ingredients by batch, tightly controlling errors during the weighing process, and accurately managing ingredients through the barcode of the ingredient batch.


Warehouse receiving

Record warehouse entry information by: batch/lot, expiration date. Print barcode labels for pallets/bags.. In tem mã vạch dán pallet/bao

Warehouse dispatch

Manage the export of raw materials for production by batch. Export materials to internal warehouses


The forecasted ability to meet raw material inventory according to production plans: actively manage the production process to avoid material shortages during production

Error management

Manage material measurement errors during weighing to minimize deviations within allowable limitsQuản lý sai số nguyên liệu khi cân, để hạn chế thấp nhất sai số cho phép.

Batch ingredient management 

Batch-wise raw material inventory, batch locking to prevent usage, batch closure: batch fully utilized.

System integration capability

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, Warehouse Management System (WMS) for inventory management and traceability.



  • Report Extraction Support: Extract reports to Excel, PDF, TXT, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Automated Email Sending: Automatically send daily inventory reports and alerts for overdue inventory.
  • Flexible Design: Designed to accommodate various weighing methods: vertical, horizontal, blending, etc.
  • Strict Error Control: Tight control over errors during weighing and accurate material control via barcodes.
  • Strict Access Control System: Granular permissions based on user, department, and functional roles.
  • Technological Features: Developed on the .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface to ensure precise, quick operations and minimize input and calculation errors.
  • Network Accessibility: Accessible over LAN and WAN via Internet/3G/4G connections.
  • Unicode Font Support: Supports multiple languages including Vietnamese, English, Japanese, etc.


  • Usage Report of Raw Materials per Formula over Time
  • Overall Raw Material Usage over Time
  • Detailed Batch Production Report of Premixes over Time
  • Summary Report of Finished Product Sales over Time
  • Raw Material Traceability Report by Formula
  • Dashboard
  • Automated Email Alerts for Overdue Storage of Premix Finished Products

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