Robot palettizer

Robot palettizer

The use of robotic bag stackers is an optimal solution for feed production and packaging enterprises in the new technology era.

Based on the practical installation and technology transfer experience with many partners across the country and abroad, IAS recognizes that this solution helps investors increase productivity, reduce labor for loading and production participation, and decrease material loss and product damage compared to using traditional manual labor.

We always strive to bring our customers the most advanced solutions and technology available today.

Single arm

1320 bag/ hour


Dual arm

1200 bag/ hour

Bag type

40, 50, 60 kg,…


Light curtain sensor

HMI operation

Easy to use operation


Integrated with a scale

Technical specifications

Here are the technical specifications for the automatic bag stacking robot:

  • 1320 bags/hour for single-arm gripper
  • 1200 bags/hour for dual-arm gripper (handling 2 lines)
  • Grippers automatically adjust to accommodate various bag sizes
  • Automatically separates and supplies pallets to the robot
  • Integrated checkweigher for product and pallet weights
  • Connects with bag sealing scales and automatic bagging machines to form a complete system
  • Ensures operator safety with integrated light curtain sensors, safety doors, safety relays, etc.

Highlighted featurest

The fully automated bag stacking line is designed and manufactured synchronously by IAS engineers, featuring:

  • Complete automation to enhance productivity and ensure safety in the robot’s workspace.
  • Accurate production quantity management.
  • Minimization of reliance on manual labor for stacking.
  • Installation of safety protection systems from renowned brands such as Pilz, Rockwell, ensuring workplace safety.

Image of the robot

Absolutely, factory layout is crucial. A well-planned layout maximizes space utilization, enhances efficiency, and reduces costs.

Safety system

In addition to delivering quality products, we prioritize the safety of our users. This ensures peace of mind for our customers when using our products and services.

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