SCADA sofware

IAS SCADA software are designed to be intuitive, user-friendy, safe to store, easy to use, easy to customize and integrate with the software of manufacturers and other vendors. The product is particularly successful in the animal feed industry

Production monitoring, management and control system segments

  • Intake segment.
  • Dosing segment.
  • Liquid milling/mixing segment.
  • Pelleting, extruding segment.
  • Cooling, drying segment.
  • Robot bagging.
  • Bulk loading
SCADA sofware


SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware

Intake segment

  • Monitor and control intake process.
  • Automatic check weight evaluates productivity system.
  • Parameter control setting according to materials.
  • Automatically interlock with safety signals.

Dosing – Pelleting

  • Auto-formulated dosing for different dosing formats.
  • Automatically check and correct dosing parameters for the highest accuracy and productivity (Smart dosing).
  • Record time and quantitative productivity, monitor batches to analyze bottleneck points for productivity on the system.
  • Automatically reverse, change the net and control the mill feed of many different machinery.
  • Setting control parameters according to the formula.
  • Cross-contamination control, quantitative error analysis according to each factory’s standards.
SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware


  •  Communicate and send printed sample information with the finished inkjet printer.
  • Automated bag and bulk loading process control
SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware


SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware


  •  Set up control parameters according to formula for each machine.
  • Automatically control intake, steam, expander and control power on each product.
  • Recording pelleting operating parameters.
  • Controlling humidity from inlet and outlet of finished product
SCADA sofware
SCADA sofware