Scale and weighing system


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Scale and weighing system


  • Specify the exact stopping position of vehicles at the markings on the weighbridge. Prevent fraud when vehicles are parked incorrectly on the weighing platform, causing weight discrepancies. The weighing software ensures vehicles are correctly positioned to avoid errors and weight fraud.
  • Prevent tampering, forgery, and alteration of weighing slips:
    • Weighing slips are integrated with QR codes to prevent tampering and forgery.
    • With barcodes on the weighing slips, managers can easily verify and cross-check the information on the slip and the vehicle using a barcode reader or smartphone.
    • When printed, the weighing slips include QR codes, making it easy to integrate data with other software without needing to directly access the database from the weighing software.
  • Automatically capture and recognize license plates. Cross-check the vehicle plate numbers (front/rear) during the two weighing instances.
  • Weighing results are entirely objective, not influenced by human subjective factors (weighing can only occur when the scale weight is stable).
  • Prevent weight discrepancies when the scale reading is not stable.
    • Weight stabilization function (stateable): Avoid cases where the scale reading is not stable (fluctuating at the highest or lowest amplitude) and the operator presses the weighing command, leading to actual weight errors.
    • When the scale reading is not stable, the electronic weighing software will not allow the operator to perform the weighing operation.
    • Easily identify when the vehicle weight has stabilized on the scale using signal lights and notifications in the software.



  • Support exporting reports to Excel, PDF, TXT, CSV, XML
  • Automate the weighbridge system, reduce vehicle weighing time, ensure safe and efficient operation, and minimize human intervention
  • Transparency and openness in driver registration
  • Ensure vehicles are positioned correctly on the weighbridge to avoid errors and weight fraud from misalignment
  • Weighing results are objective, not influenced by human subjective factors (weighing only occurs when the scale weight is stable)
  • Prevent tampering, forgery, and alteration of weighing slips. Easily integrate with other systems through QR codes
  • Allow access to the program over a local network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN) via Internet/3G/4G connections
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use, allowing accurate and quick operations
  • Multi-language support: Vietnamese, English, etc.
  • Applicable for factories and companies with truck weighbridges


  • Report on customers/suppliers importing and exporting goods (for any time period).
  • Report on the list of vehicles registered with information and status: Registered, weighed once, weighed twice, etc.
  • Report on the alert list of vehicles weighed in and out multiple times on the same day.
  • Report on vehicle weighing history.
  • Report on vehicle weighing by shift or by operator.
  • Report on the list of vehicles importing/exporting goods, total vehicle load exceeding the vehicle’s specified load limit.
  • Report on the import/export time of vehicles in the factory for each weighing slip (based on the time of the first and second weighing).
  • Report on trips with reset zero, loss of connection with the weighing scale.
  • Report on the number of times weighing slips were reprinted.
  • Report on the list of weighing slips where the camera system recognized license plates with an analysis and recognition quality of <90%.
  • Report on the history of vehicle weigh-ins and weigh-outs for each vehicle.
  • Report on the analysis of vehicle weigh-in/weigh-out data to promptly detect whether the weighbridge load cells are working properly or if the vehicle’s load when empty (unloaded) between weighings is consistent.

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