Solution IAS is one of the companies that provide the most modern automation solutions today, such as: Robot bagging, bag stacker, bagging scale, … automation solution for food production line, …

Automation or automatic control is a system that controls the devices machinery in production activities. The biggest benefit of automation is helping to save labor, improve production, …

  1. Solution IAS – first steps:

Founded in July 2008, when auto electricity in Vietnam was still new, the investment in the automated equipment production system was very small because traditional production lines still showed effective.

At that time, Solution IAS chose the field of animal feed to be the key of development, the first step was to offer automatic electrical solutions committed to providing superior efficiency compared to the old production system …

Convincing results and initial results have brought a lot of good signals, thereby gradually developing and providing automation solutions from small and large production lines.

Over a long period of development, constantly improving facilities, professional skills for employees. So far, more than 10 years Solution IAS has grown up to meet modern automation solutions in production, especially in the field of animal feed production.

  1. Automation Solution 2020+

Dizzying pace of development in the present age, equipping and applying automation solutions is an inevitable trend. By the benefits it brings:

Reducing labor: The application of automation solutions allows the reduction of labor.

Saving time: Machines that can operate 24/7 is the biggest advantage today. This can meet large quantities in a short time. This also can save time and improve productivity at work.

Improving product quality: Stability and application of modern technology helps ensure product quality.

Currently, Solution IAS provides a wide range of automation solutions:

  • SCADA system.
  • Premix system.
  • Auto bagging machine scale.
  • Robot/palletizer system (APS).
  • Dispatch (FP) system.
  • Tracking & tracing system.
  • Trucking control system.
  • Integration ERP.
  • Maintain equipment system (C-work).

Thuan Nhat Electric Atutomation – Solution IAS are all provided with the world leading high quality. From design, implementation are all engineers, technicians with high level of skills to ensure a complete production system.

We did complete countless projects from the small one to the big one in Vietnam and our region to meet production standards as well as free labor, stabilize prices and reduce production costs…

The trend of automation has started long ago but it really exploded thanks to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. It will surely become a development trend in the future 2020+…

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