Livestock, food,…


Production plant
ERP integration


Device performance
Time stops and runs 


Mix enzymes and water & spray into the mixer


and upkeep of equipment


Export import inventory
Seek an origin

Micro dosing

Quantity max 1000 kg
Cage scale max 10 kg

Bag stacker

Bags of 25, 30, 40 kg

Productivity 850 bags/h


Single arm 950 bags/h

Single arm 1250 bags/h

Bagging scale

Single weighing

Double weighing

Bulk loading

Dosing before discharge
Discharge simultaneously

Liquid injection

Stainless steel steel pump
Heating and insulation


Thuan Nhat Automatic Electric Co., Ltd. (IAS) was established and started business in 2008. After more than 20 years of operation and development, starting as an automatic electrical unit, up to now Thuan Nhat has There are 2 factories that research, develop solutions and apply machine manufacturing and a unit that combines production, introduction and sales of commercial products.

Up to now, we have shaped the brand positioning with a solid position in the domestic market and are on the path of development to reach out to the world. Initially, success came to us when we were able to export machines, export software, act as a general contractor for installation and transfer of technology to customers and partners in Russia, France, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Africa…


SCADA software is an outstanding software of IAS that is designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, securely stored, easy to use, and easy to customize and integrate with other companies’ and manufacturers’ software other offers. The product is especially successful in the field of animal feed production.

Robot palettizer

IAS’s automatic bagging line is designed and manufactured synchronously by engineers with notable features: complete automation, accurate management of finished products, and use of protective equipment systems. Safety protection from famous brands such as Pilz and Rockwell, along with minimizing dependence on loading and unloading workers.

Bagging scale

The bagging weighing system is one of the strengths of Solution IAS. The system is professionally designed to optimize and automate weighing processes, meeting packaging capacity, number of bags,…

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