smartWMS fully integrates warehouse management functions for an enterprise, thereby making the inventory management, the goods status of the entire warehouse system in the enterprise simpler and more efficient.
The system is also designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand for the end-user, fexible to respond arising requests quickly and accurately.


  • Warehousing: Record warehousing information in batch, expiry date. Print barcode for pallet/bag (It is possible to integrate with ERP system to get warehousing information/truck scale).
  • Inventory delivering: Manage delivery of raw materials used for production in batches or according to each production order (Integrate with SCADA system to automatically get information about actual materials used through the quantitative weighing system)
  • Traceability: Easily trace raw materials to finished products and vice versa
  • Forecasts about the ability to meet raw material inventories according to the production plan: To be proactive in the production process to avoid shortage of material during production.
  • Management of material batch and batch status.

Reporting system

  • Importing and exporting inventory: materials, bagging, finished product, easy to access detailed data with traceability function (see details by each import/export document).
  • Reporting of materials used.
  • Reporting lot closing: manage loss by batch of raw materials.
  • Traceability report: finished goods and materials.
  • Reporting expiry date of materials inventory.
  • Reporting of intake production.
  • Reporting of production loss.
  • Print inventory cards.
  • Automatically email daily inventory reports.
  • Secure inventory alerts.