Warehouse management system

The warehouse management and traceability solution is a system that combines traditional warehouse management tools with traceability technology.

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Warehouse management system

The solution for warehouse management and product traceability – WMS, integrates comprehensive warehouse management functions for a business. With WMS, inventory management and the status of goods across the entire warehouse system become simpler and more efficient.

The system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand for end users, flexible in meeting emerging requirements, and capable of resolving demands quickly and accurately.

The software is specialized for warehouse management, traceability, etc., based on years of experience in application for manufacturing businesses: animal feed, food, etc.

The software has been successfully deployed in numerous factories in Vietnam as well as overseas: Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.


  • Warehouse Inbound: Record inbound information including batch/lot numbers and expiration dates.
  • Warehouse Outbound: Manage the release of raw materials for production by batch or production order (integrated with SCADA to automatically retrieve usage levels through a weighing system).
  • Inventory Cycle Count: Conduct periodic inventory checks and adjust inventory levels as needed.
  • Inventory Production Planning: Forecast the ability to meet raw material inventory needs according to production plans, proactively managing the production process to avoid shortages during manufacturing.
  • Batch Management and Status Tracking:
    • Lock Batch (Hold)
    • Allow Batch Usage (Available)
    • Finalize Batch (Finish)
  • Production Inventory Forecasting:
    • Forecast the ability to meet raw material inventory needs according to production plans
    • Proactively manage the production process to avoid shortages during manufacturing.


  • Inventory Inbound and Outbound: Easily trace detailed data with traceability function for raw materials, packaging, and finished products (view details for each inbound/outbound document).

  • Raw Material Usage Report: Report on the consumption level of raw materials.

  • Batch Closing Report: Manage losses by batch for raw materials, including detailed reports.

  • Origin Traceability Report: Detailed report on the origin of finished products and raw materials.

  • Inventory Expiry Report: Report on the expiry dates of stored raw materials.

  • Production Feeding Report: Information on the feeding process during production.

  • Production Loss Report: Information on production losses.

  • Inventory Tag Printing: Provides the function to print inventory tags for inventory management.

  • Automatic Daily Inventory Report Emailing: Automatically send daily inventory reports via email.

  • Safe Inventory Alert: Alert for safe inventory levels


  • Exporting Support for Reports: Assistance in exporting reports to Excel, PDF, TXT, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Automatic Daily Inventory Report Emailing: Automatically sends daily inventory reports via email.
  • Stringent Permission System: The system features a tightly controlled permission system based on users, departments, and utilized functions.
  • Automated Data Backup: Data backup operates automatically according to scheduled intervals (hourly, daily, etc.).
  • Technological Features: Developed on the .NET Framework platform and Microsoft’s SQL database management system.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface is intuitive and easy to use, facilitating accurate and swift user operations while minimizing errors during data input and calculations.

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