Design and manufacture of specialized machines

Designing and manufacturing is one of the fields creating Thuan Nhat – IAS brand. Diversified machine categories: pelleting presses, bagging scale, …

Thuan Nhat Electric Automation Co., Ltd was established in 2007, specialized in the field of Integrated mechanical system in food industry. Designing and manufacturing specialized machines has been promoted y Thuan Nhat as:

  1. Bag stacker:

The bag stacker line designing and developing based on the fields of electricity, electronics and automatic by Thuan Nhat.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 800 bags/h
  • Bag type: paper bag, paper + PVC, PE/PVC.
  • Size: WxDxH = 5000x3350x2000mm
  • Application: Bagging without giving weight for finished products.
  1. Robot palletizer:

The pre-set line with ability to unload bags and other products from the production line to the pallet is correctly installed.

See more about robot palletizer HERE.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 850-950 bags/h
  • Robot hands can pick up the bag from 20kg-50kg.
  • Automation calving and giving Pallet to Robot Palletizer.

Integrated hand Robot ABB/Fanuc/Yaskawa

  • 4 levels
  • Payload: 250 kg.
  • Unsupported length: 3.15m
  • Max: 1360 circles/h

Can choose Robot with:

  • Optimum usage space. Picking up with one hand type: 850-950 bags/h.
  • Picking up with twin hands type: 1000-1100 bags/h.
  • Set the strategy of arrange different kinds of bag: 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg.
  • Automation calving and giving Pallet to Robot Palletizer.
  1. Bagging Scale:

Bagging scale is a system automatically installed in factories, production lines, used to increase the exactness of the output products, while ensuring weight as well as minimizing the waste of materials. So that the bagging scale will help increase production progress, reduce labor.

Technically, bagging scale uses the weighting method by cảm biến tải điện tử truyền tín hiệu chính xác với tốc độ cao and display a detail delaration of: weight of each bag, number of bags and speed bagging, …

Bagging scale has an important role in the current development era. We combined bagging scale with the software that is able to retrieve data according to the required time to improve the capacitor production.

We can use it for ball finished products and raw powder finished products.

Specially preferred for: animals feed, stone powder, fertilizer, …

Operating parameters of bagging scale in Thuan Nhat:

  • Capacity: 800 bags/h
  • Bag type: paper bags, paper+PVC, PE/PVC.
  • Weight of bag: 5-50 kg.
  • Operation: Schneider induction screen.
  • Ready to connect the data to the computer.
  1. Micro dosing system and raw materials.

This is an automatic control system weighing process. It mixes ingredients such as: bran, corn, fishmeal, … with micronutrients according to a pre-installed mixing ratio.

The production process will be simulated on the screen and the data will be stored and statistically specified. This system will be integrated into the final packaging.

Advantages of micro system:

  • Operating for large working area, capacity up to 300 tons/hour.
  • High frequency response with large amount of materials up to 500 times.
  • Works on the principle of a pendulum.
  • Reduce the pitch of battery.
  • Eliminate mass gaps of wide dosing according to material properties.
  • Do not break the pallet while reducing the pressure on it.
  • Restrict maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment affecting production activities.

Characteristic of micro system:

  • Door size: 180mm 200mm => 1m 1,7m.
  • Capacity: 2 gram/s => 300 tons/h.
  • Square or circular micro scale for raw materials.
  • Traveling scale.

Designing and manufacturing specialized machines, providing automatic electrical systems gives many benefits in management and production such as:

  • Saving labor.
  • Saving material costs, improving product quality while ensuring high accuracy.
  • Taking advantage of time, manage production activities efficiently through automated machines and robots.
  • Especially, it can operate 24/7.
  1. Conclusion:

Automation solutions in production management have brought many special benefits to increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

Thuan Nhat – IAS is a pioneer in the field of research and application of automation technology and robots in production lines, automatic system integration lines. We want to improve the industry that mainly employing labor as Vietnam now.

We have provided, designed and manufactured a variety of specialized machines not only for Vietnamese companies but also for foreign companies such as: TNHH De Heus LLC Co. Ltd (Vietnam, Myanma, India, Combodia); Masan group; Proconco, Anco, Nam Tien, Greenfeed: Vietnam, Combodia; Asia grain (Philippines); Viet Uc iron factory; Hoa Phat, CJ Group; Japfa,… And countless other customers.

The installation of automation systems, specialized machines in production is necessary to minimize costs and increase competitiveness in industry 4.0.

If you need advice, design, manufacturing and installation of automation lines, feel free to contact:


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